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November 29 2015


Dog Grooming Tips for Everyone

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In the event you own a dog, enough time will come when he has to be groomed. Long haired or short haired, all dogs get messy and shed, and grooming your dog helps them to look better, feel more at ease and keep you happier too.

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In the event the time has come to groom your puppy, turn to the experts to acquire it done right and think about these tips from the pros.

Make use of a shampoo that is right for your pet. Consider any special needs your puppy has such as excessive shedding, itchy skin, fleas or even a dry coat. Pick a shampoo that is natural and can help with these needs. It may also help to pick something that is low foaming so it rinses easier, keeping in fido in the water for a shorter period of time.

If your dog is really a breed that is prone to ear infections, do not allow excessive water sit within the ears. Rather than employing a hose or direct experience of a tub of water to rinse your dog's face and ears, have a wash cloth and gently wipe in that area. This will reduce the level of water your dog's ears face and the chance of future infections too.

As well as bathing your dog, be sure to brush him regularly. Although this is more important for long haired breeds, it's still important for short haired breeds to lessen shedding and keep your skin healthy. If your dog is against being brushed, offer him treats and let him sniff and see the comb to help ease anxiety. For long haired breeds, brush daily or at best every other day, and for short haired breeds, plan some brushing time at least once a week.

Dog grooming also involves your pet's nails. They must be trimmed regularly to ensure that they're from getting unwanted items stuck in their feet which can cause discomfort as well as infections. Use a high quality pair of clippers to trim your canine's nails, and make sure to never trim in the quick (pink area of the nail). If you have a hard time with this task, plan to take your dog towards the veterinarian or a professional groomer for trims at least 2 times a month.

Finally, consider a professional for grooming your dog when necessary. These experts makes it easier to maintain your pet's coat and educate you on valuable tricks you can use at home.

Regular grooming is key to keeping your pet healthy and comfy, so use these tips to turn it into a routine that you and your pet are sure to enjoy.

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